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Hi, I’m Jan Matson and I love painting beach scenes which depict the joy of beach life.  Some of my beach paintings are traditional, some impressionist and others fun and whimsical in style. Many summers of enjoyment are remembered in each painting. Beach paintings to suit coastal, tropical, bathroom wall or beach house decor.

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 Prints of my original oil paintings

Beach paintings with colorful umbrellas and deck chairs.

Sunny Afternoon at the Beach print

A beach painting of colorful umbrellas lined up along the seashore with crowds of people enjoying the scene.

The Simple Life

A panorama beach painting of San Clemente Beach

San Clemente Beach Panorama

I have over 350 images in my BEACH PAINTINGS gallery to browse!

View over 450 prints, beach paintings, landscapes, street scenes, kid’s art, digital art, animals and flowers.

I love to watch the parade of people passing by, looking for ideas to paint. Sometimes it is the energy of youth, the way young people stroll, run and play on the beach. Other times it is the calmness and serenity of just sitting on a beach relaxing until the evening light. Painting the beach is relaxing, allowing me to feel that serenity. I escape from my everyday surroundings allowing the colors, the scent and the sounds of the beach to wash over me.

My Original Beach Oil Paintings are for sale in my Etsy Store.

First, when touring the coast, I visit beaches at different times of the day, taking lots of photographs and absorbing the general atmosphere.  I watch how people are using the beach.  At times, young people are playing games, building sandcastles, running with their dogs or surfing. At other times, beach visitors are relaxing, sunbathing or strolling the foreshore.

When I get home, I load the images into my computer and look at all the scenes with the aim of choosing a nice composition. Often, two or more images are combined in the final painting.  Browse my Beach Paintings here. This applies mostly to people and animals. The general view of the beach and surrounds are maintained.  The shape of the beach and the figures are very loosely sketched in. I find that I often make many changes during the painting process, refining the composition, the colors and sometimes the number of people. Painting for me is a dynamic process over several days, even for small paintings. Larger paintings can take weeks to finalize. They sit in my studio and I let my subconscious critique the work. Suddenly, I will get an urge to make a subtle ( and sometime dramatic!) change in the painting. Paintings begin more or less consciously, even quite logically following the scene in front of me. Over time the artistic-self takes over the painting and gradually a satisfying work emerges. My paintings are mostly done like this.

Beach Painting of umbrellas and striped deck chairs.

Deck Chairs

A stretched canvas painting of umbrellas lined up along the shore of Hampton Beach

East Hampton Beach

A beach painting of a row of colorful umbrellas at the seaside.

Color of Summer

A beach painting of three colorful umbrellas with people and a dog sitting underneath.

Beach Color

A beach painting of two girls in bikinis with a dog.

Windy Day


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