Beach Art – Great memories are made here


A beach painting of three umbrellas and a family enjoying the day

Great memories are made here!

Collecting images for my Beach Art is what I love to do on a lovely summer’s day at the seaside!

Summer is here at last, lovely warm weather and extra daylight hours to enjoy at the beach. A wonderful time of the year for me to collect beach art images, either by sketching on the spot or taking photos.

I love to feel the warmth of the sand, the salty air and a soft sea breeze.

I always think it is a good idea to start the day early, preferably packing the night before.  Plan your meals for the day and remember to pack plenty of water.  Everyone’s appetite is increased after swimming, so pack lots of extra fruit and snacks for hungry children.

Beach art painting of an umbrella and a family enjoying a day at the seaside.

Lazy Beach Day

Don’t forget the sunscreen and hats!  Pack the floaties, boogie boards, buckets and spades. If you’re staying for the day, an umbrella is a must to escape the sun.

A beach painting of a red umbrella and a family and their black dog relaxing at the seaside.

One Summer

Most dogs love a day at the beach. Digging in the sand, frolicking in the waves or swimming after a tennis ball or stick, can be the perfect fun day for your pet. Don’t forget that he’ll be thirsty too, so pack a large bottle of water and a bowl.

Oil painting of children swimming and splashing about in the ocean.

The Swimmers

I always pack my camera and have it ready as I watch the passing parade. I take lots of photos for my Beach Art images collection. I like to capture people having fun as well as gather ideas for a swimming painting.

When the kids are tired of splashing and swimming in the waves, have some beach games ready to fill in the afternoon.

1. Collecting seashells, stones and other treasures

A beach painting of a family and two dogs strolling along the shore

Collect sea shells along the shore

Children of all ages love to collect seashells and stones. Have their buckets handy and another container or plastic bag to carry them home.

2. Flying a kite

If there’s plenty of open space, it is great fun to run with a kite and watch it soaring into the sky.

Beach art painting of children flying a kite

Fly a kite!

3. Building sand castles and moats.
All children love to build sand castles with moats, allowing the sea water to run along the channel like a river. Decorate the castle with sea shells, sticks, and stones.

Beach Art Painting of children building sandcastles and moats.

Build sandcastles and moats!

4. Beach Volleyball
All that is needed is a portable net and a beach ball.

A colorful beach painting of children playing volleyball.

Play beach volleyball!

5. Frisbee or ball throwing.
This is a great game for all the family, including the dog.

6. Build a boat or a car which is big enough to sit in.

7. Beach cricket.
The whole family can join in the exercise.

A beach painting of children playing Beach Cricket

A game of beach cricket!

8. Tic-tac-toe or naughts and crosses.
Mark out a large square in the sand. Find some shells and stones and have a contest.

9. Beach darts.
Draw a large dartboard in the sand with a stick.  Use small stones to throw into the center just like a real dartboard.

10. Build a sandman or a snowman.
Decorate him with shells, stones and sticks. Leave him there at the end of the day for other children to enjoy.

11. Fishing

Painting of a father and daughter fishing from a pier

Fishing from the pier

12. Your dog will love a day at the beach!

Beach painting of eight dogs running along the beach

Your dog will enjoy a day at the beach!

13. Bring the surfboard!

A beach painting of three girls chatting and a boy with his surf board.

Bring the surf board

I’ve had a great day and collected lots of ideas for my beach art collection. I never tire of watching the colorful beach parade, the happy faces of children enjoying a blissful day, the beach umbrellas and the ever changing colors of the ocean. Have fun and remember, don’t forget the sunscreen!

I hope have enjoyed a taste of my Beach Art which is available as originals or prints.


Beach painting of people passing by.

The busy beach parade!