Jan Matson Art for home decor

Jan Matson Art, not only for beach paintings, but also animals, flowers, street scenes, kitchen decor and landscapes.

Landscape Paintings Gallery on Fine Art America

Street Scenes of Paris and Italy Gallery

Animal Paintings and Birds Gallery

Below is a small sample of street scenes, landscapes, flowers, animals and birds.  There are also digital art images from Paris and Italy and fruit, cupcakes, etc for kitchen decor paintings.

Please Note: Jan Matson Art Prints are now produced and shipped from within AUSTRALIA, as well as United States, Canada, Europe and UK.

Beach painting prints and coastal decor products

Coastal decor living room with beach paintings decorating the wall

Beach paintings for coastal decor

A beach umbrellas painting hanging on the wall above a white sofa.

Beach paintings for living room wall decor

a panorama beach umbrellas painting hanging on the wall above a white sofa.

A panorama beach painting for the mantel or above a sofa.

A painting of a seahorse on a a bathroom wall

Seahorse for bathroom wall art

Jan Matson Art painting of pink poppies on a white background


A street scene in Tuscany of an ancient house and a cat sitting on the doorstep.

The purple door

Jan Matson Art, Australian country landscape of gently rolling hills

Australian Landscape

A landscape painting of pink Autumn trees

Pink Landscape

Oil painting portrait of a happy pink pig on a bright pink background.

Happy Pig

Oil painting portrait of a black and white hereford cow on a blue background

Black and white Hereford Cow

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